Our Process

When you begin working with Clarity Financial Planning, we become your “Trusted Advisors”. We have developed a systematic process designed to work toward your results.

A Detailed Look at Our Process

The Discovery Meeting


During our first meeting, we will have a conversation in our office where we help discover what is most important to you, articulate your financial goals, and benchmark your current financial situation. We will build your Financial Road Map®, and the end result will be clarity and motivation.

The Discovery Meeting is conducted for every new and potential client of Clarity Financial Planning. During the Discovery Meeting we offer our professional expertise to continue with The Clarity Financial Planning Process.

The Clarity Financial Planning Process

The Implementation Meeting


Developing a strategy to accomplish your goals is only as effective as the execution of your strategy. We will review your Financial Road Map®, guide you through the Action Plan, and sign all necessary paperwork to start implementing your Action Plan. Following this meeting, our team will enter your financial house into WealthVision. The WealthVision platform is the innovative tool our team of professionals use to develop and perform your Action Plan. As we are excited to involve you in the production of the planning process, you will have access to your financial house through WealthVision.

The 45-Day Meeting


The purpose of this meeting is to help you understand and organize your financial paperwork, to update you on your progress with your Action Plan, to place short-term progress into a long-term perspective, and to answer your questions. The end result will be a restored sense of clarity and motivation.

Regular Progress Meetings


Following the 45-Day Meeting, you will experience our Regular Progress Meetings every 90 days. During each of these meetings, we will review your Financial Road Map®, your Progress Reports, your Action Plan, and update WealthVision. This is an opportunity for you to express any concerns you have, and to ask questions. Please remember to keep us informed about changes in your life so we can adjust your plan accordingly.

The Value Created from The Clarity Financial Planning Process

  • A financial snapshot
  • A plan of action
  • Up-to-date account values
  • Exposure to various what-if scenarios
  • All assets and liabilities in one place
  • A well-structured portfolio (i.e. belt & suspenders)
  • What expenses to reduce to help avoid out living your money
  • Asset allocation & an understanding of your risk tolerance
  • Understanding what you need to save to help avoid out living your money
  • Understanding what your investments need to earn to help avoid out living your money
  • Understanding what you have to earn in your occupation to help avoid out living your money